This week was so busy I completely forgot to take any pictures!!

In reading this week we began learning about sequencing the major events of a story.  We learned that the words "Beginning, Middle, and End" will help us with this.  It was a little tricky at first because we wanted to tell EVERYTHING that happened in the story, but we had to pick the three most important events. We read The Mitten by Jan Brett to help us with this skill. We created a sequencing snowman and even got to act out the story with our very own white mitten. Our favorite part to act out was the really loud AA--AA---AACHO!!!! We will continue to work with sequencing next week.

In writing this week we began writing to pen pals.  So far this year we have been writing to Mrs. Burr's class.   We would write letters as a whole group.  This time we get to write our very own letters.  Some of us know our pen pals and some we have never met! We are really excited to have our very own friend to write to.  We spent a lot of time this week talking about greetings and closings. 

To kick off the new year we created our very own new year resolutions.  They are hanging in the hall to remind us what we would like to work on this year.  Some students want to read more, others want to help out more at home, and some want to stay up LATE!

This week in math we worked with story problems with coins.  We learned that it is silly carrying so many pennies in our pockets when we can switch the pennies out with dimes and nickels.  When we see a big group of pennies we have learned to look for groups of 10s and 5s.

For being a short week we sure did squeeze a lot in! It was a great week to start the new year.

-Mrs. Donohue

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