We started out the week with our field trip to see Charlotte's Web play.  We had such a great time! 

Last week was our last week learning about different authors in writing.  Some of us were so disappointed because we really enjoyed this unit.  The good news was that we were going to study authors in room 1417: US!!!! We spent the week working with our friends to write and illustrate books.  We were so excited! The children were actually begging to work on their books! It was so neat to see.
In math we spent the whole week learning about fractions! We know that cutting something in half means we have two equal groups and cutting something into fourths means we make four equal groups.  We found out we could use this when talking about quarters too and are excited to add it to our schema about money. We created a fractionpillar and made a pizza with our choice of toppings. 
In reading we added a new word to our vocabulary: inferring! We learned that when you infer you use your schema and texts from the clues.  To help us with this concept we looked at riddles and tried to guess what the riddle was talking about.  We learned that one riddle was talking about squirrels because we knew that squirrels liked nuts and had fur and paws! We tried this skill our our own with a poem, which we brought home this week.
You may have heard that we had a vistor in our classroom this week: A LEPRECHAUN! Boy, was he messy! He visited us on Thursday and Friday so we decided to set some traps. We set them out on Friday so we will see what we catch on Monday.  We are hoping to catch some leprechauns or may even some gold! We will keep you posted!! To help celebrate St. Patrick's Day we wrote a review on our favorite book. 
Once again, we had a great week in our "Buggy for Books" adventure! Our bug jar is getting so full from all the reading we are doing.  The homemade bugs looked great.  The kids enjoyed visiting the "bug museum" throughout the week.
This week we began our Buggy for Books reading month.  The children had such a great time participating in different activities throughout the week.
We enjoyed reading books by Dr. Seuss.
We brought our favorite stuffed animal from home and included them in our daily reading!
Many students wore a t-shirt you can read. We also enjoyed showing off all the items from our scavenger hunt. Wow..did we find a lot! On Friday we added our bugs to the classroom bug jar. Keep your calendar handy and get ready for next weeks activities!
We started March out by celebrating a wonderful author, Dr. Seuss. 
We had 21 "things" in our classroom. 
We completed some Dr. Seuss inspired crafts and even included him in our math lesson about estimation.  We estimated how many Swedish Fish we could fit in our hands. We are becoming great estimators!
After reading The Foot Book we talked about antonyms.
We created wacky Dr. Seuss characters that are almost as tall as we are! The kids came up with some wacky names to match their characters. You can read about them next week.  We wrote stories about them for next week's writing homework.
As you may know, Dr. Seuss loves to rhyme in his books.  He sometimes has to create new words so that his stories will rhyme.  We had to pick out the real words from the nonsense words in this fun game!
We ended this fun week with a game of Green Eggs and Ham inspired Tic Tac Toe.  We also created Thing characters with our face and name on them.  You can check these out in the first grade hall.

Check out more pictures from Dr. Seuss week here:
We explored "Woozles" with Venn Diagrams.  The kids loved the Woozles and exploring how they were alike and different. We even created a Venn Diagram with a friend to see how we were alike and different.
The pictures that went along with our Venn Diagrams are below.
We practiced using a ruler to measure inches.  We measured things around the room to create tables and compare objects.
At first we wanted to use the rulers as goggles, but then we remembered they were just for measuring!! :)
To help celebrate Valentine's Day we used candy hearts to create graphs.  We used the words more and fewer to explain the information we gathered.
The 100th day of school was a big day in our classroom.  Here is our day in pictures...
We were so excited to enter the classroom in party streamers! We knew this meant it was going to be a GREAT day.
We had a ton of great ideas of what we would do with $100.
We shared our 100th day of school projects.  We had so many creative ideas!
We ended the day with making a portrait of what we would look like at 100, a 100 day snack, and turning the numbers 1-0-0 into a piece of art! We had such a great day.