We have been in school for over a month already (wow!) so I have decided it is time for a change in our behavior system.  For the most part it will stay the same. The children will continue to receive coins and table points for positive behavior.  They will continue to receive warnings for inappropriate behavior and you will see how their day was on their daily calendar.  The only thing that is changing is the amount of warnings I am giving out.  If your child receives a warning it is just a reminder.  They will still bring home a smiley face on their calendar.  If your child receives two warnings for the same behavior they will get a straight face for the day. If your child is given three warnings for the same behavior they will get a sad face for the day.  They will also be bringing home a think sheet.  The think sheet is to be signed and returned to school the next day.  If your child brings home a think sheet they will fill out the paper and discuss their behavior with you at home that evening. They will only bring home the think sheet if they receive a sad face for the day. If you have any questions at all please let me know.

I just added a new math website to websites.  I was just introduced to it today and thought I would share. Enjoy!

Have a great week!
Mrs. Donohue
10/7/2011 10:13:08 am

Thanks Mrs. Donohue. I enjoy the weekly updates.


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