We started March out by celebrating a wonderful author, Dr. Seuss. 
We had 21 "things" in our classroom. 
We completed some Dr. Seuss inspired crafts and even included him in our math lesson about estimation.  We estimated how many Swedish Fish we could fit in our hands. We are becoming great estimators!
After reading The Foot Book we talked about antonyms.
We created wacky Dr. Seuss characters that are almost as tall as we are! The kids came up with some wacky names to match their characters. You can read about them next week.  We wrote stories about them for next week's writing homework.
As you may know, Dr. Seuss loves to rhyme in his books.  He sometimes has to create new words so that his stories will rhyme.  We had to pick out the real words from the nonsense words in this fun game!
We ended this fun week with a game of Green Eggs and Ham inspired Tic Tac Toe.  We also created Thing characters with our face and name on them.  You can check these out in the first grade hall.

Check out more pictures from Dr. Seuss week here:

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