In reading this week we learned about setting.  Many of us already had schema about what a setting is.  We tried really hard to  not use the words "outside" or "inside" for telling where a story took place.  A story can take place pretty much anywhere! Did you know that a setting is WHERE and WHEN a story takes place? 

In writing we worked on adding an ending to our stories.   We learned that sharing a feeling is a great way to end a story.  We worked with partners adding endings to stories that were on our "all done" side of our writing folder.
This week we had a hunk and chunk review.  We completed a hunk and chunk sort, found chunks in books, and even wrote sentences to see how many hunk and chunks we could use.  Some of the sentences were very funny and creative!
Our latest math unit has really challenged our thinking about numbers. This week we practiced differentiating between equations with tens and equations with leftovers. Using ten sticks and ones we can solve equations such as 7 + 3, 70 + 30, and 70 + 3! We can also add ten to just about any 2 digit number. Our math schema is definitely growing!

We started a mapping unit in Social Studies to see where our clothes came from. By sticking shirts, pants, and shoe stickers on a world map we could see that most of our clothes came from Asia or Central America.
Have a great week!
Mrs. Donohue

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