We began this week with a vistor....a LEPRECHAUN! Boy was he sneaky! We set traps to try to catch a leprechaun or gold and we were pretty certain we would come into school on Monday and have something.  All we got were hats! He turned all of our traps into tiny little Leprechaun hats.
In Social Studies this week we continued our unit on Goods and Services.  As a class we made a list of different places we have been that sell goods and/or services. We learned that some places can sell both! Using our list we created a street.  One side of the street were stores that just sold goods, and on the other side of the street were stores that just sold services.
Writing was really fun this week as we jumped into writing how-to stories.  In order to practice we wrote a how-to story together.  We all got a piece of bubble gum and tried to blow a bubble.  Then we wrote about it!  Check out our
displays in the hall and see if you can follow our directions on how to blow a bubble.
In reading this week we completed our unit on Inferring. We discussed how an author usually won’t tell you every little thing there is to know about a story, sometimes you will have to infer. To help the children understand this we inferred how the characters were feeling in the story.  We used clues from the text and our own schema to help us infer.  We spent a few days talking about the different emotions of characters…see if you can guess what emotions we are showing below. 

All year we have been writing back and forth with Mrs. Burr’s class.  This week we ended our letter writing by meeting our pen pal! We interviewed our pen pal and used our interview to write a short biography about them.  We had a ton of fun meeting our new friends!

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