Pennies Pennies Pennies! and Table Points - Mrs. Donohue's First Grade
The students are super excited to earn pennies in the classroom.  If they are caught being a leader in the classroom they earn a penny. Eventually the students will be able to spend their pennies at our classroom store.  Right now we are busy earning them.  The children are also able to earn table points.  The children are doing a great job as a team (their table) to remind their classmates to pay attention and follow all the directions that are given.  We have some great leaders in this classroom! Every week the table points are added up and the table with the most points gets to be first all next week.  (First to line up, first to the carpet, first to get their paper, etc). We have also started jobs this week.  The children are doing a great job taking an active role in their classroom. They are all very excited to have a job for the week. 

I am sure your child came home singing something about a banana today, if not ask them to teach you the banana song! This is a great way to rest their brains and get them ready for the next activity! 

Mrs. Donohue
Amanda Kelso
8/30/2011 11:20:37

Andrew didn't sing about bananas, but he did sing a song about pennies.

9/6/2011 05:30:17

Thanks for the update. Daneen is excited to earn the table points.


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