Our first whole week of first grade is now complete.  I am very impressed how smoothly they have adjusted to first grade.

This week in reading we spent a lot of time building our stamina.  At the beginning of the week the children could read for 2 minutes without any interruptions, and by Friday they read independently for a whole 6 minutes! The children were very proud of themselves. We will continue to practice this every day and work on increasing our stamina.
This week we also took our very first spelling test.  I was so pleased with how well the students did.  We have a whole wall full of Super Spellers!

We also dove right into math this week.  The children enjoyed breaking apart numbers with a break apart stick.  These partners work together to make a total.  The children used the partners to create a number sentence.  (Ex: 2+2=4).

On Tuesday, we were able to meet our reading buddies for the very first time.  We are going to be reading with Mrs. Smith's third grade all year long.  The children were really engaged and enjoyed listening to their buddies read a story. We can't wait to see them next Tuesday.

Please remember that we don't have school on Monday.  Enjoy your long weekend!

Mrs. Donohue
Rhonda Zillmer
9/5/2011 06:15:24

Thanks for the summary! I had not heard the details on the reading buddies from Olivia. I think that sounds great!
We are looking forward to learning more at the open house next Monday night.


Mrs. Donohue
9/6/2011 08:04:36

Hi Rhonda

Glad you were able to learn something new from our blog! Thank you for checking in. Just a note, the Open House is next Tuesday..not Monday.

:) Ashley


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