During Reading this week we ended our unit on Characters and Setting.  We practiced identfiying the characters, describing their action and character traits, through read alouds.  To help us understand character traits we created a poster that shows our own character traits. 
We also placed our own picture in the setting of our choice.  We had some people visit Lego Land, others went to the beach, and some even went shopping at the mall! 

This week we listend to Olive the Other Reindeer. This is a story about a dog who thinks she is a real reindeer.  She has some good character traits that help her be the best reindeer that she can be, even though she is just a dog! We filled out a reindeer job application.  We talked about what would make us a good reindeer.  We have some fast runners, good listeners, and great leaders in our classroom!

In math, we learned about a dime.  We are experts at counting by tens so dimes came really easy for us! Ask us to sing you the new dime song we learned.  The children worked in teams to count a large number of objects.  At first they were counting their objects by ones.  They soon realized it would be much easier if they put their objects in groups.  Some groups counted by 5s and some counted by 10s.
We ended the week by taking our math pretest for Unit 5.  We also finished our social studies unit on maps.  The landform dinosaur helped us see the difference between mountains, hills, valleys, and plains!

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