This week in reading we began talking about characters.  The children worked really hard to describe the characters in their stories.  At first we wanted to describe what they looked like. (what they were wearing, what color hair they had) We learned that there are other ways to describe a character; like action and character traits.  A action is something a character does, and a character trait is how we could describe the character on the inside. 
During calendar we have been working a lot on our number sense.  We have a number every morning that we try to show in different ways.  A number can be shown with an equation, money, picture, or even just the number word.  We cut up an apple to show all the different ways of a two digit number.  This was a great way for us to see how many different ways we can show just one number! Its the same number, no matter how you slice the apple.
In math we learned a really fun game called Yahtzee.  Its not the Yahtzee you are probably thinking of, its called First Grade Yahtzee! Its a great game to practice our addition and subtraction skills.  All you need is a paper numbered 2 - 12 in a column and two die.  Have your first grader teach you how to play! We are such experts at the game that we went over to Mrs. Stewart's class to teach them how to play.  Boy, did we have fun!

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