We began the week learning about the Chinese New Year.  We learned that this is the year of the dragon.  We really hope the dragon brings us good luck this year!
In order to improve our writing we are looking at real authors and trying to get inspired! This week we started reading books by Mem Fox. We read some of her books and tried to figure out what she does as a writer then we tried some of her techniques in our own work! We began adding our books into our classroom library. They are so much fun to read!!
In reading, we took all the parts of the story star and added them to a story hand.  When we are retelling a story we can think about the hand to help us remember all the parts.
We got letters from our pen pals this week.  We were so excited to read them and to write them back! Some students even made plans to meet their pen pals out on the playground. 
We began a new unit in math this week. This unit focuses on graphing and interpreting data. We learned that picture graphs are a great way to make quick comparisons. We learned that picture graphs can compare more than just two things. After studying some graphs that had multiple objects we got to make our own! First we thought of a title for our graph then we collected our data by asking our classmates to answer our survey questions. Finally, we graphed our data and wrote "more" and "fewer" sentences about what we found out.
This week we learned our 25th Hunk and Chunk!! Ask us to sing the song for you, see if we can remember all 25!
Have a great week!
Mrs. Donohue

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