This week we continued making connections in reading.  We practiced making self to text and text to text connections.  We know that a self to text connection is when the book reminds us about something we know about. A text to text connection is when a book reminds us of another book we have read.  We used Venn diagrams and Y charts this week when making text to text connections.  These charts helped us organize our ideas and see how alike and different the books were.

This week was our first official week of literacy centers.  Everyone did FANTASTIC!! The children get to visit three stations every day.  They can choose from the following:

Listening to Reading
They can listen on the computers or the listening center.
Read to Self
Work on Writing
Read with Someone
Word Work

We started learning our hunk and chunk song this week! Our phonics program is based around learning 40 different "chunks" that can be found in words we read and write. These chunks each have a song to help us remember them, and each week we will be adding on to our song until we've 
learned them all! This week we learned SH and CH. We will learn 2 hunk and chunks every week.

In writing we continued to write about small moments from our lives.  The children are doing a great job using webs to help add detail to their stories. 

In math we ended our second unit. The children did a great job on their unit tests.  I will show you these during our parent teacher conferences. We ended the week with a scarecrow math project which you can see hanging in the first grade hall. Our next unit of study will concentrate on story problems.

In social studies we began our map unit.  The children loved exploring the atlases that were added to our classroom library. We explored some different maps and learned about symbols that are used in maps.
Thank you for checking in!
Mrs. Donohue

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