I can't believe we have begun our fourth quarter already.  It seems like just yesterday we were having Meet the Teacher Night.  This quarter will fly by with all the exciting things we have planned.

We began talking about nonfiction books before we left for spring break.  This week the children were introduced to a nonfiction convention notebook.  (Trust, its a mouth full to say everyday!) We have already studied the crafts of some fiction authors, so I explained to the students that now we are going to learn crafts of nonfiction books.  The children will be introduced to one a day for two weeks.  This week we learned about bold print, photographs, captions, labels, and index. 
Each day the children looked through nonfiction books to find the "craft" of the day.
The children wrote a definition and drew an example of each craft.

To go along with the nonfiction unit I introduced a wonder box to the class.  During their free time the children can ask any question they would like to the wonder box.  Throughout this month we will take time to answer some of the questions in the wonder box by researching the answer on the Internet and through books.
In writing we began writing "all about books."  The children are reading nonfiction books AND now writing nonfiction books.  The children picked a topic and wrote true facts about their topic of choice.  Some students even brought crafts into their writing by bringing real photographs from home, adding labels, including bold words, and even captions under their pictures.  I was so impressed! We learned about sea otters, rocks, time, scooters, board games, and more!
In math this week we took our Unit 7 test.  The children did great! There was so much covered in Unit 7, it is one of our biggest units of the year.  The test covered fractions, doubles, halfs, time, calendar questions, and circle graphs!

We began our Unit 8 which is all about money and double digit numbers.  We began by reviewing the coins penny, nickel, dime, and quarter.  We played a few games to help us review the different amounts. Eventually we will start adding double digit numbers!  

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