This week was such a busy but very exciting week! The Boosterthon ended on Thursday. Mega Mark and Dynamite Dave came to our classroom each day to teach us about taking an EPIC adventure (encourage, play, invite, and celebrate). The children ended the fundraiser with our Fun Run on Thursday.  By the end of the run all the children were sweaty and exhausted, but we all had a blast! As a school we raised over $30,000...way to go Panthers!

In reading we have been continuing to build our stamina both in reading to ourselves and reading with someone.  The children learned about the good reader flower this week.  We talked about different things the children can do when they get stuck on a word.  (Boys and Girls: what are some things you can do when you get stuck on a word?) The children created a good reader flower of their own to use daily in their reading. 
Emma and Amani building their stamina in "read to someone"

This week two special things happened in our classroom: the classroom store opened and the children were able to begin choosing their own good fit books for their book boxes. The children were very excited to count their pennies and turn them for something in our store.  Two of the most popular choices this week were candy and pick your job.  The children's favorite job seems to be calendar.  If this is your job you get to lead calendar all week long. 

Paul was our calendar leader this week.

In math this week we discussed the importance of the number 10.  We did several activities to help commit these important partners to memory, including a fun card game called "make 10". In this rendition of "go fish" the students ask a neighbor for a card that will enable them to collect two numbers that add up to 10.  They can even play this game at home!

In writing this week we learned to tell a story across our fingers.  It is very important for a story to have a beginning, middle, and end.  The children are working hard to write at least three complete sentences in their stories.

Our star of the week, Nilay, did a wonderful job this week.  The children loved hearing the story of Tarzan and were very interested to find out that Nilay wants to be a chef when he grows up.  Next week we will learn about Olivia H.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Donohue
Rhonda (Olivia Z)

What to do when you are stuck?
1. Rubberband the word
2. Look at the pictures
3. Take a guess and see if it makes sense.
4. Ask your partner to help coach you


What do you do when you get stuck on a word?
You can chunk the word.
You can sound it out.


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